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Blogshop Reblog Ep. 13: Bantam Ballad Custom Dreamcatcher

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When a chirpy young girl sent me a bubbly email and had so many nice things to say about my humble little store here at Starlight Dreamer, I was like,

Now I'm a sucker for flattery and snapped up her custom order with super enthusiasm (as I do with all orders, promise!). She had seen my previous custom project for Loverboy and now wanted a custom dreamcatcher pendant as a treat for herself.

She specifically said that she loved candy colors, and she loved the suggestion of utilizing a rainbow sour tape candy color palette.

Macarons at La Belle Miette, Melbourne

"Basically I really like sweet and candy colours. Like colours of macaroons, just seeing them make soooo happy!"

She claims to have a "weird obsession with birds" and chose a swallow pewter charm. Which made her dreamcatcher look quite a bit like the earlier Technicolor Sunburst dreamcatcher earring at this point! I suggested she take a peek at it and she loved it, but wanted to tweak the feathers as the "polka dots" on the guinea pearl feathers were not quite her style.

She wanted the feathers to be fluffy, and mentioned that she had a (7-year-old!) pet rooster, "the cutest thing ever", to match her affinity for the feathered critters. And bam, just like that, the perfect decision to use cruelty-free-guaranteed rooster feathers (imported from the States!) was made.

To the charming young lady in question, thank you dear! Hope you love your dreamcatcher, and that you enjoyed having such a big part in making it yourself! You were an absolute doll to work with and it was lovely to meet you! Now you can feel like you have your sweet rooster with you everywhere you go! ;)


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